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Eastern number enters the water and runs well smoothly
The eastern shipyard makes the brand of using
Brazil introduces Dary's serial products then


First batch of Model 6M453C diesel engine of China of the related GTL5021F type high elastic shaft coupling of our company (2200KW/600r/min) multiuse of 5000 tons ship and 345TEU container ship ran well in the past few years.
  Load with Germany MAK6M601AK diesel engine of related 4410KW/425min of shaft coupling of Model GTL16021F (160KNm ) onto ship to run in Vietnam.
  The WX25M-400L type doing type Mars going out device has already been installed in 8200m liquefied gas ship which the shipbuilding group produced of the South, this ship enters Germany GL bureau of shipping, superior performance.
  The Model GN820 silicon oil shock absorber that our company developed newly has already formed a complete set and used with the type 8320 diesel engine series of the diesel engine manufactory plant of Guangzhou in the lump.
  YZ series round tapered rubber shock absorber (load: 100-5000kgf), have already formed a complete set and jointly used with shaking such units as harbour machine , telecommunications of Shanghai and diesel engine manufactory plant of Zibo of China ,etc..
  Shanghai diesel technology co. ,Ltd obtained ISO9001 quality system authentication .

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